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When is the “Right” time for swim lessons?

When can I take my new baby swimming?

This question makes me wonder. “At what age CAN’T I take my baby swimming?” Babies came to us swaddled, in a milk-bath of warm water. Their natural environment is unconditional warmth from delicious,inviting soothing, tepid water. Some people worry about germs their baby may get. However, since swimming pools have chlorine, this will kill off any germs you may be fearful your child will be exposed to.

The temperature is what is important. Under 6 months, a baby is most comfortable in 90-92 degree water. If the temperature of the water is still not that warm until the summer sun comes around, it would be best to wait so the baby will enjoy their time in the water. Indoor pools are great to start your baby out in. Swim Schools know how valuable it is to teach babies and toddlers in comfy water, so they usually keep their pools around the 90 degree point.

Did you know that most infants, up to the age of six months can actually swim? Remember where they come from? They are “swimming,” even before birth, so no wonder they are naturals! Encouraging your baby whether it’s in a swimming pool or the bathtub will lead to wonderful experiences for both you and your baby! If you start early, your baby can really benefit from their innate ability to swim & float comfortably in the water. They also have a natural reflex to be able to hold their breath! Swimming and holding their breath can stay with them even after this 6 month period, by building on this. Practice these skills with your baby, at first, for short durations, maybe only 5-10 minutes at first. Like anything, the more often they practice, their skills will get better and better. Of course, if your baby is sick or show signs of being cold,take him out and wrap in a warm towel.

Baby swimming is a game changer for a child’s development. It’s not only fun but it is a life-saving gift you can give to your child. Baby swimming can help a child to improve socially, emotionally, and physically. If you want the best for your child, Yes, take your child swimming as quickly as you can after birth to enjoy all the benefits of a wonderful life time of water exploring with your baby!

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