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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your family new to Swimming Safari or considering joining?

Check out our New Family Orientation Video for all the information you need to get the most out of your Safari Experience.

How much does it cost?

For a detailed description of our pricing schedule check out our tuition & billing page.

Is the program session-based? When can I start?

Our program is not session-based: We offer continuous lessons where your child can attend the same class(es) every week, for as long as you would like.

The spots in the classes are saved so you do not have to re-enroll from month to month. Because of our continuous lessons, you are able to enroll at any point in the year or month.

How do I cancel my lessons?

Cancellation requests should be submitted by the last day of the month in which you wish to stop attending. If you would like to request a cancellation, please click here to submit the proper form.

What happens if I’ve paid for the whole month but would like to cancel my lessons?

Our program has a no refund policy but allows credits on your Swimming Safari account. You can cancel your lessons at any point in time and will be credited for the remaining lessons you will not be attending. All credits placed on family accounts must be used within a year of the issued date.

What if my child is sick or we are going out of town?

When your child is sick or going out of town, you may reschedule your class for a different day or time AFTER you have missed your regular lesson. If you are going out of town and will need more make-up classes than you are eligible for, we recommend that you cancel your enrollments and re-enroll when you return so that you do not lose any lessons. You are not required to let us know you will be unable to attend a lesson unless you need to cancel your membership for a few weeks.

How many make-up classes am I allowed and how do I schedule one?

If you are enrolled in our membership program you will be eligible for one make-up lesson a month per enrollment. For instance, if your swimmer attends classes twice a week you are eligible for two make-up classes per month. Make-ups must be scheduled AFTER your student has already missed their regular lesson and can be scheduled through our Make-up Request Form.

*Please note that all students, including privates, are only eligible for group make-ups.

**The following programs do not allow for make-up lessons: Adults, Excellent Elephants, Speed Week, and Swim Team

What age should my child start swimming lessons?

It is never too early to begin working on water safety skills! Our program begins swimming lessons at the age of 4 months with a parent or guardian in the pool with the student. Many children under the age of one, have instinctive movements similar to swimming that can be built upon in lessons. The younger students also adapt more quickly to the water than older children. Studies have indicated that children who take part in swimming instruction as infants are more independent and skillful in their movements than other children of the same age.

How do I know when my child has moved up?

We are always ensuring that our students are learning and progressing through new skills. When a student has mastered a level’s skills, a deck staff will evaluate them and inform the parents of their change in level. Your child will receive a move-up sticker and your family will receive an email with directions to move up your swimmer to their new level online.

What should I bring to swim class?

Swimming Safari will provide all learning equipment and toys necessary for class. Please bring a swimsuit, towel, and something to keep long hair or bangs out of your child’s eyes. All children under the age of 3 years and 6 months must wear a snug fitting, reusable swim diaper. We do not allow disposable diapers such as “Little Swimmers” in the pool. If you would like to bring your own goggles, be sure to write your child’s name on them in a permanent marker.

What if it looks like bad weather before my lesson?

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art weather protection system and will continue on with lessons as long as conditions are safe. In the event we need to cancel lessons due to unsafe conditions, we will contact you via phone/text/email as soon as possible. Due to the unpredictable nature of Florida’s weather, we really appreciate your understanding that weather situations can occur as you are traveling to swim class; therefore, please assume your class will occur unless you receive contact from the office stating otherwise. In the event one of your classes is canceled, you will be eligible for a Safari credit or make-up class.

How long will it take my child to swim and what can I do to help?

Every child learns and progresses at their own pace, therefore, we cannot determine a set amount of time it will take a student to learn to swim. Students need consistency and practice in order to master skills, just like any other activity. Many students are able to learn to swim quickly but our instructors strive to also have your children comfortable and confident in the water.

We highly recommend that parents practice at home and make swimming a fun family activity, as it will increase the speed at which a student learns. You can also help with a child’s confidence by actively praising a student for their good work and talking to them about swim classes during the week. If you ever have a question about the skills an instructor is teaching or what you could do at home, please ask our staff and they will be happy to help!

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! If you refer a family and they mention your name at sign-up, you will be entered to win a month of free swim lessons and your student will receive a free pool toy.

Why should I be concerned about teaching my child to swim?

  • Drowning is the #1 cause of death for children ages 1 to 4 in Florida.
  • 75% of victims are aged 12 to 25 months old
  • 65% drown in the family pool
  • 33% drown in a neighbor’s or relatives’ pool
  • For every child that drowns, 4 are hospitalized for near-drowning
  • 77% were missing less than 5 minutes.

A 2009 U.S. study found an 88 percent reduction in drowning risk in kids ages 1 to 4 who had taken swimming lessons. Researchers identified 61 such drownings and compared the victims to children in the same communities who were similar in age and gender.

Study shows that swimming lessons reduced the rate of drowning for ages 1-4 by 88%!

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