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The Swimming Safari Difference

How We’re Different

It’s incredible to think that we have been teaching swimming lessons in Northeast Florida since 2004. We are proud to call ourselves Jacksonville’s original swim school. A lot has changed since we first embarked on this wonderful adventure in the pool, but one thing that has remained consistent is our promise to teach every swim lesson with the Swimming Safari Difference. The Swimming Safari Difference is:

  • Providing each student a high level of individualized instruction through small class sizes (4:1 max).
  • Expert lessons provided by a highly trained (over 40 hours), enthusiastic, energetic, CPR certified swim instruction professionals.
  • A comprehensive curriculum that places a strong emphasis on water safety education for students and parents.
  • An exceptional level of customer service that regularly exceeds expectations.
  • Most Importantly, an atmosphere filled with encouragement, excitement, and fun. Because after all, swim lessons should be about learning to enjoy the water and having respect for the water.

Our Mission: To provide every student with the skills needed to become Safe, Happy, and Confident, in the water.

Our Goal: To create safe life-long swimmers who enjoy the water as much as we do!

Our Core Values: Safety, Fun, Teamwork, Family, Customer Service, Passion, and Positive Attitudes.

Swimming Safari has been great! The instructors have all been very qualified, understanding, patient and encouraging. At the start of lessons Alexander didn’t even want to get in the water nor put his face in, but now he is being taught how to swim properly and more than just one stroke. He has exceeded far beyond expectations and is safer in the water.


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