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No access to a pool, want to help your student retain skill information in between lessons?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to practice swimming outside of the pool. Below we have provided you some ideas on how to practice in the bathtub and on dry land. The activities have been arranged by level and are designed to reinforce what your child is working on in their lesson.

To maintain your child’s interest while practicing these activities be sure to give them lots of praise or rewards during and after the practice.

We are excited to have you take part in your child’s learn to swim journey. If any questions or would like additional guidance contact the office and one of our Safari Guides will be glad to help.

Click The Link Below To Download A PDF Version Of Our At-Home Practice Guide

Splish-Splash Babies 1 / Splish-Splash Babies 2

Splish-Splash Babies 3 / Splish-Splash Toddlers

Jungle Tots 1 / Jungle Tots 2

Jungle Tots 3 / Jungle Tots 4

Happy Hippos 1 / Happy Hippos 2 / Happy Hippos 3

Mighty Monkeys 1 / Mighty Monkeys 2

Terrific Tigers 1 / Terrific Tigers 2

Amazing Alligators / Flying Lions

A friend recommended Swimming Safari to me. At first, I was skeptical about the price and drive time from my house. But it is SO worth it. We started my daughter late, and she wasn't confident around the water. She liked it, but didn't even want her face wet. The first few weeks were slow going, but especially after she moved up, she has blossomed. She just seems to be shooting through the new requirements. And I can watch her face during class, and I see the confidence and fun. She's like a completely different child after a month and a half. It's money very well spent. I am very proud of her, and we are very happy with Swimming Safari. I highly recommend.


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