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Private Swimming Lessons

At Swimming Safari our goal is to offer lesson options that will meet the needs of every swimmer. Our Private lessons offer the same comprehensive curriculum found in the Group Classes, but in a more individualized setting. Private classes can be designed for swimmers ages 2 years up and skill levels. To best accommodate these swimmers we ask that registration for all Private classes, be handled by speaking with a member of our office staff.

Private lessons consist of one instructor and one student. In a private lesson, the student gets dedicated, one-on-one attention. The individual child’s needs are able to be concentrated on. Drills can be customized to the skill level of the student. Discipline challenges can also be tailored to the student’s requirements, leading to a better learning environment for both student and instructor. The lesson can also meet the personal goals of the student and parents, from water orientation to safety skills to competition swimming skills.

20 Minute Private Lesson - Cost (Billed Monthly)

1x per week: $170

2x per week: $323*

*(10% discount offered on 2+ enrollments)

** Private Makeup Lessons - Due to the limited nature of our private classes makeups for missed lessons will be provided in a group class. More information on our make up policy can be found on our FAQ page.

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Please contact us to enroll in a Private class. We handle Private registrations by phone to best accommodate your schedule.

It is wonderful. My kids love it! Swimming Safari’s instructors are very qualified and know the games, songs, and toys my kids like. We continue to come despite the fact the kids can swim because they like it so much. It also helps my autistic son follow directions and interact socially.