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Dive into Affordable Swim Lessons with Our Flexible Lessons & Pricing

Hello Swimming Safari Families,

When it comes to choosing swimming lessons for your child, we understand that cost and value are essential considerations. At Swimming Safari Swim School, we are committed to providing stimulating and effective swim lessons for children of all ages and abilities. Our pricing options may vary based on the number of lessons per week, private or group, but our dedication to delivering quality instruction remains resolute.

Group Lessons:
We are delighted to offer flexible monthly tuition options for swimming lessons. Our aim is to accommodate different schedules and budgets so that every child can benefit from our swim programs. For our group lessons, those looking for a more intensive approach, we have a 3-days-per-week choice, allowing your child to receive repeated and frequent instruction and make rapid progress in their swimming skills.

If you prefer a slightly more relaxed schedule for group lessons or have other commitments, we also provide a 2-days-per-week option is alternative balances out reasonably priced with regularity and stability in learning. Additionally, our 1-day-per-week option, for group lessons, is perfect for families with limited availability or those seeking an introduction to swimming skills or bone up on skills & a lifelong love of the water.

Please don’t forget about “SPEED WEEK- our rapid progression program! This is during a holiday period from school (Winter break, Spring break & Summer break), which Swimming Safari offers 4 days in one week, in a group class setting. These back-to-back lessons provide accelerated trainings, to “speed” your child up in their progress. We have seen children move up sometimes even 2 levels because of this consistency and practice in a short period of time.

Private lessons
Embarking on the journey of private swim lessons brings with it a host of invaluable benefits. One of the most significant advantages is the personalized attention your child receives from our experienced instructors. In a one-on-one setting, our instructors tailor the lessons to cater specifically to your child’s unique needs, ensuring a focused and efficient learning experience.

Moreover, the flexibility of scheduling private lessons offers convenience and adaptability to your family’s timetable. Ultimately, private swim lessons at Swimming Safari Swim School not only accelerate skill development but also instill a sense of water confidence and a lifelong love for swimming.

To make the payment process seamless for you, we’ve implemented an automatic billing system for successive monthly tuition payments after your original registration. No more being bothered about due dates – this system ensures repeated enrollment right through your child’s time with us.

While this provides a general overview of our lesson & pricing structure, we want to assure you that specific details and policies may vary. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, feel free to reach out to us directly, by phone 904-260-1836, by text 904-746-1835, or email We are here for you! Please do not hesitate to ask us any question! We’re here to provide detailed information tailored to your family’s needs, at any time!

Investing in swimming lessons for your child is an investment in their safety and confidence around water. At Swimming Safari Swim School, we’re passionate about making these lessons accessible while delivering exceptional instruction. Our flexible pricing options and dedication to quality swimming education make us the premier choice for parents seeking swimming lessons for their children.

In conclusion, Swimming Safari Swim School is your go-to for successful and effective swimming lessons. The focused attention, tailored curriculum, and flexible scheduling combine to create an optimal learning environment, ensuring your child’s swimming journey is both enjoyable and highly effective. Dive into the world of Swimming Safari and witness the transformative benefits firsthand. Our lesson and pricing options are designed to be flexible, accommodating different schedules and budgets. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information tailored to your specific needs, reach out to us directly or visit our website.

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