COVID-19 Closure

Posted March 13, 2020

Update - 3-20

Swimming Safari will remain closed until 4/15 due to escalating concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19.
There is no need to cancel your lessons as a result of this closure. Students will receive a credit on their account for any March lessons that have been paid for, but not yet received. When we can resume lessons, we will notify all families prior to charging for any tuition plus giving a credit for any missed classes in March.

Make-Up Lessons:
Families who were not able to get a make-up because of the closure will be given the opportunity to schedule a make-up once we reopen. These make-ups will not be subject to the 30-day scheduling requirement.

Have Questions:
We have several employees working from home, happy to answer any questions you have. They will be answering phones M-F from 9:00 to 5:00 and responding to email.

We hope you and your family are staying safe, and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!


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About Us

Why Choose Swimming Safari Swim School?

Swimming Safari is the Industry Leader in Swim Instruction in NE Florida! We offer complete Comprehensive lessons at our State of the Art Indoor Facility. The small class sizes, allow our Swimming Specialists to use Specialized Teaching Techniques. Chances are you probably already know someone who has taken a Swimming Safari with us! We are well known & respected in Jacksonville and super friendly.

A Leader in Swim Instruction in NE Florida

Swimming Safari is the Industry Leader in swimming instruction in Northeast Florida. Our program has taught thousands of children to swim and be safe. Swimming Safari is dedicated in making a difference in the lives of children as well as adults, and their families.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Swimming Safari Swim Schools’ Comprehensive Curriculum with 15 different levels designed to meet the needs of every student. With in each level we have included several milestones that each child will get to complete. Every time a level is achieved, a child is rewarded. It starts from the very littlest and progresses in small steps to the very best. We aim to have our swimmers unsurpassed; that is why we teach, when they are ready, Olympian strokes.

Experienced Swim Instruction

Since 2004, Swimming Safari has taught throughout Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. All our instructors are trained for over 30 hours in and out of the water, including written exams, in the pool exams and have earned their American Red Cross CPR and First Aid. Our instructors are all experienced, affectionate and caring specialists who have the passion for teaching swimming and helping to make sure our children are safe.

Small class size

We specialize in small group instruction (4:1 ratio), private (1:1) and semi-private lessons (2:1). Keeping our classes small enables our instructors to work individually with each child. Working in small classes helps students to learn from each other.

Swimming is our ONLY business!

We demonstrate it every day by teaching a young child to swim appropriately or a teenager about swimming safety and even an adult who wants to make their time or technique a little better or just learn the basics. We do it all! We understand swimming completely because that’s the only thing we do! We are the “Specialists” in Swim Instruction.

Specialized Teaching Techniques

Whether it’s a 6-month-old baby, a 7 year-old who’s never been near the water or a 3 year-old that loves jumping in already, Swimming Safari has the tools and the methodology to work with them perfectly.

  • Toys, games and songs –This is how we teach, and the children don’t even want to leave by the end.
  • Action & visible cues - We relate to children using words and activities they love: Octopus stroke vs. “freestyle,” butterfly jumps vs. “jump,” listen to the fish in the water vs. “right ear in water.”
  • Rewards – Surprises after each lesson as well as rewards for success. When they have reached a certain level they are rewarded or if they have had a particularly awesome day, they get a reward! We find encouragement is much better than forcibly training a child to react with fear. If a child learns from reassurance, in a positive atmosphere, they will develop a much healthier respect and love for the water.

Who has swum with us?

Please ask others, they are the best resource to find a program that is good. We have taught many of the neighborhood children in Jacksonville, and are very proud of their accomplishments. Some include children of Jaguar players, TV personalities, and Olympian Gold medalists.


Our customer service is second to none. We not only want to keep your children safe, we want to strive to make your experience rich, wonderful, and happy. What could be better than to learn to enjoy life with your children in the beautiful water, whether it is in the lake, river, ocean or a pool? We strive to know you and your child. Trust is important when learning to swim. Over the years, we have developed many wonderful friendships!

You are just like magic! My children are begging me to practice what you taught them!


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