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What’s the Big Deal About Water Aerobics?

It’s just another way to exercise, right?

While it does burn calories, build strength, and reduces blood pressure and
stress just like any other exercises, there is something more to being in the
water. Not only is it a great way to stay cool, it also has other added
benefits that you just can’t find on land!

One of the great benefits of being in the
water comes from buoyancy. We naturally feel lighter in the water, and because
of this our joints do not have to experience the pressure they do on land. This
alleviation is great for people with arthritis or for helping rehabilitation
after injuries. It’s a great way to build up strength without having to worry
about our joints!

On top of making us feel lighter, the same
water that holds us up also provides resistance. It has been reported that by
exercising vertically in the water, resistance can be increased by up to 75%.
According to the American Council on Exercise, this makes our body work harder
to move while actually keeping our heart rate lower than it would be on land!

While water aerobics is a great way to improve
physical health, it has also shown it can improve mental health. Exercise in
general releases endorphins that lowers stress levels and provides energy.
Studies have shown that being in the water also decreases anxiety and leaves
people in an overall better mood thanks to the cool water and the pressure that
we experience from the water.

On top of being great for people who are
stressed, have chronic illnesses or have disabilities, water aerobics is
actually great for everyone! Especially for other athletes, water aerobics
allows for you to get the cardio and strength build up while providing that
relief for our joints. It allows the body to recover from the wear and tear of
our everyday routine while letting you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Swimming Safari has dedicated ourselves to
teaching and maintaining a life-long love for the water. Not only do we love to
see the little ones learning to swim all the way to our swim team at their
meets. We believe that people of all ages not only deserve to love the water,
but lead a healthy life in the process. We would love to see you in our water
aerobics classes and if you are interested feel free to contact us at
(904)260-1836! For more information on our water aerobics program you can click
here. Also if you are interested in reading
more, below we have some links that further explain the benefits of water
aerobics and water sports.

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