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What is your child’s learning style?

Have you ever wondered why your child learns best one way and not others?

There have been many studies about different learning styles and how to incorporate them in teaching students.

In general, it has been narrowed down to three types;

Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning. Here at Swimming Safari our
instructors are given tools and techniques to work with students in each

The first style we are going to cover is the most common one, kinesthetic.

These are the students who love to move, move, move! They learn best by doing to activity and learn through

experiences. Swimming is most definitely an activity that gets students moving
and here are a few examples that you will see in the pool that emphasize this

· Standing or sitting on steps to practice arm and leg motions

· Instructor corrections in form on the way to the platform

· Students trying the skill on their own on the way back to the step

The second most common learning style is visual learning. These students learn with their eyes
and by seeing or reading. Visual learners understand best through examples from
instructors/teachers or even watching their classmates! Below are some examples
of when a visual learner will do best in swim class!

· Teachers will demonstrate a skill

· Teachers will incorporate students sitting on step by showing them what a classmate is doing right (or wrong)

· We use visual cue to indicate when students should come off of step

The last visual learning style is auditory learning.

These students learn best with verbal
instructions and descriptions. These types of students also take part verbally
in answering questions and describing back to a teacher/instructor what was
just taught. Below are some examples of our auditory learning techniques!

· Teachers always describe activities along with the demonstrations

· Asking the class what the skill is that they are working on or what do do when a specific thing happens

· Safety weeks focus on asking situational questions at the end of classes

What type of learning style is your child?

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