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The Safari difference: Connecting with our students

The Safari difference: Connecting with our students

We have long been aware that swimming is a fantastic sport because of health benefits, particularly to the cardiovascular system. However, a recent international study on movement education and a longitudinal studies on the early years of swimming, by professor Robyn Jorgenson, in Australia, shows that swimming has many more benefits.

In Professor Jorgenson’s study, she concludes that early years of swimming builds social, emotional, physical, and intellectual capital.

It is important that our swimming teachers are competent, confident and able to engage with young children to best take advantage of these benefits. The best swimming teachers have a mixture of knowledge and communication skills.

Great Swimming Teachers Engage Their Pupils

Many people know how to swim, but it takes a special person to share this knowledge with others and cultivate their lifelong love of swimming. Though every swim instructor has his or her own style and personality, all great teachers share certain skills and qualities.

At Swimming Safari Swim School our instructors are our most important asset, and we’re proud of developing and deepening these important traits over 40 hours of training.

We believe an excellent swim teacher is:

Qualified & Experienced

All of our students deserve to learn from teachers who are knowledgeable and specially trained in a range of expertise. Our swim instructors go through a rigorous training program, covering everything from child development to our systematic approach to class curriculum. Every instructor meets our high standards for teaching diverse groups, giving families peace of mind when they arrange their lessons.


A great swim instructor simply must love swimming – and inspiring this feeling in new swimmers. This passion is non-negotiable, and there’s no way to fake it! Our instructors are happiest when they are in the water, and this enthusiasm is contagious.

Creative & Engaging

Not every student learns the same way, and an excellent teacher knows how to adapt to different learning styles. Our swim instructors design each activity to build fundamental skills in an engaging way; they use their experience and creativity to accommodate the needs of every learner. They listen, they observe and they communicate clearly.


Learning to swim is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. Good instructors know to be consistent and patient with their students, supporting them during frustrating moments, and encouraging them to reach each new milestone. Our teachers believe that swimming is a life skill worth investing in, and they are there for students during the setbacks and the victories.


Stellar teachers care about their students – both in and out of the pool. Our instructors build strong relationships with students over time. The most rewarding part of teaching is seeing students grow and thrive!

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