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Roll to Float- Saving Lives!

Swimmers learn many skills at Swimming Safari Swim School, and all of them are important, though roll to float may be one of the most important skills!

Mastering the skill of going from a swim to rolling onto your back is vital for all swimmers to know. Harnessing the capability to roll onto your back to take a breath when tired can save your life!

A great example of when to use a roll to float is while at the beach. Here in Florida, we are surrounded by water. If a current pulls you out away from the shore, you will be forced to swim for long lengths of time to make it back to the shore. Being able to roll over onto your back and take a breath, or rest, will allow you to save more of your energy and make it back safely.

This goes for infants to adults! It takes longer for an infant to learn to roll, but with positive encouragement, like smiles and hugs, an infant or toddler can soon learn this important life saving skill.We, here at Swimming Safari, want our families involved in this process and feel it is very important for them to be! Who better than Mom or Dad to give that loving reinforcing hug?

As a child gets a little older, this skill can be easier to learn, because of a better understanding of what is asked. But, let’s not forget the adults! It might seem silly for adults to learn to roll on their back but truly, this is the way swimmers DO take a breath. If you watch them carefully, they practically “roll” onto their back to get that breath. Many adults feel they just need to learn how to lift their arms and turn their head to get a breath, but no, it’s really the roll to float that is essential!

Practicing the roll to float is an exceedingly important skill for every level of Swimming: from infants to adults to swim team members! Maybe your child can become a member of our Flying Lions Swim Team one day, by practicing their roll to float!

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