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Possible Link Between Early Age Swimming and Intelligence

Every parent wants their child to be successful.

Studies have shown that children who part take in swimming lessons start development in multiple areas sooner than others. These areas include speech, language, reading, writing, social interaction, and emotional maturity. Swimming at a young age helps the cognitive aspect of child development advancing in almost 10 months ahead of the normal population, setting the stage for academic success. Griffith University’s studied that swimming lessons provide a language- rich environment for the children. Many parents of babies noticed the child said their first word sooner than a baby who had not participated in swimming lessons.Swimming instructors use phrases that help children absorb tenets of speech like prepositions and other useful topics like shapes, colors and numbers. Simply just hearing and observing the conversations throughout the lessons improves the child’s language notably faster.

Not only do the children become mentally developed they also become socially and emotionally matured. The Griffith University research noted the young kids involved in swim lessons are on average 15 months ahead of the normal population in social and emotional development. These children understand direction better, which will allow them to easily adapt to school and help them become more comfortable interacting with adults and other peers. On top of all these beneficial skills these children also learn a healthy outlet to expend their energy and release frustration. Exercise is essential to helping the brain develop in memory and thinking skills. Swimming lessons will be beneficial to the growth and development of your child.

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