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Introducing Spot TV!

We are now offering Spot TV as an alternative way of viewing your child’s lesson! Keeping our families connected and involved without the needed floor space, foot traffic, distractions, or physical closeness in the facility.

With Spot TV you can:

  • View classes while waiting in your car!

  • Share Spot TV with another parent! (Only 1 parent per family is allowed in the facility at once, so the other parent can view with Spot TV)

  • Share Spot TV with a loved one who would love to watch your child’s lesson!

  • Watch your child’s lesson while practicing social distancing!

(Search the App Store for Spot TV Family or click download button below)

How Do I Get Started?

  • Step 1: Download the Free Mobile app

  • Step 2: On the App’s home screen, select the button ”New here? Sign Up” to complete your registration.

  • Step 3:After creating an account, choose a Preschool. Your preschool selection will be Swimming Safari Swim School

  • Step 4: Your center’s management team will activate your account once your information and your child’s viewing schedule have been verified!

We will only be approving SpotTV account applications that match the guardian information listed on your family account. If you would like to share Spot TV access with another family member or loved one, they must be added to your family account. This can be done through the Parent Portal under account information and you will “Add Responsible Party”. You may also email our office at for assistance.

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