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5 reasons to choose a reusable swim diaper

​1. Its eco-friendly.

Reusable swim diapers are much better than a plastic disposable swim diaper, especially considering how many you go through during a day at the beach with a toddler who wants to be in the water one minute and out the next and then back in and out and in and out again! Reusables can handle the back and forth while disposables need more frequent changing. Which bring us to reason number two..

2. Its economical.

Swim Diapers are expensive and public pools require them, so theres no getting around this investment. You get the most bang for your buck choosing the option that can be worn over and over, passed on to siblings and even shard with friends in the end.

3. Its safer for your baby’s skin

Many disposable swim diapers quickly stretch out of shape in the water and can end up rubbing and chafing your baby’s skin. They can also contain questionable chemicals that can further irritate your little mermaid or merman. Reusable swim diapers fit comfortably (even after repeated washings) and are made with the aforementioned safer plastic. No harsh, toxic chemicals!

4. Its safer for other swimmers.

No one wants to deal with a code brown in the pool. Beyond the gross factor, ingestion of pathogens found in feces can have serious heath risks. After a crypto outbreak in Utah a few years back, a local news channel decided to do an informal test to see which swim diapers were most effective.They actually put oatmeal in babies’ diapers and then had them sit in fish tanks. It’s quite comical until you see how quickly the water quality gets cloudy (and then chunky). The most effective option was using a swim diaper in conjunction with a plastic cover. Reusable swim diapers are essentially the same thing and that extra protection is why an increasing number of public pools are now requiring reusable swim diapers.

How well do they hold in number 1? Truth be told, that’s not what they’re made for. Technically, it’s pretty difficult to make something (wearable and comfortable) that goes in a liquid while simultaneously keeping out another liquid.

5. It’s multi-functional. Adding to the eco-friendly and economical benefits, our reusable swim diapers are also great for potty training! They’re comfortable and easy to get on and off—exactly what your child needs during the transition to “big kid.”

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