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How Positivity Can Affect Your Swimmer

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a

child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.” - Jane D. Hull

Parents have a key role when it comes to a student’s
learning, whether it be in the classroom, at home, and even at swim lessons. A
parent’s attitude towards activities can influence a child’s view of it. Below
we have some tips on the best way to encourage your swimmer in a positive way!


Especially if your swimmer is vocal,
nothing can be more exciting than telling mom and dad about their day! Ask you
swimmers after class if they had fun, or ask what was their favorite part. When
you seem interested in their classes it makes them more excited to go, if not
for the pure fact that they get to tell you about it after!

Try not to push too hard.

We do evaluations once a month, and we
understand it can be tough when a student sees a classmate get a star and they
do not. After a class where they were evaluated, again, listen if they are
upset or disappointed. Then, be understanding and empathetic, with a ‘you can
move up next time!’ attitude. Give support, and rather saying “why didn’t you
move up?” try wording it as “what is hard in the class?” and follow up with
“how do you think you can help that?” By keeping it constructive it helps a
student think about it as a challenge, and not something that they are bad at
doing. You can also then bring that information to the front desk where we will
gladly give you and your swimmer tips!

Celebrate move ups!

Whenever a swimmer gets a star, we
instructors always see our student get excited. When you see the move up star
offer words of encouragement! It boosts their confidence and fuels their
motivation to work hard to get another star!

Bring your Concerns to the Front Desk!

We want every parent and swimmer to
feel as if they are making progress. If you have been in a level for a long
time or your student is getting discouraged, please come see us. We know that
parent feedback can help a lot when it comes to making progress. We can have
your swimmer evaluated and ask the deck staff to stop you at the shower. If the
deck staff are unable to find you to talk, please come back to the front and we
can relay that information! We can give tips to practice at home or let your
swimmer know what they are doing well at to help them keep a positive attitude.
Also, who knows! Maybe they only needed that one extra class and could be ready
to move up!

**We do our best to fulfill all requests, the deck staff evaluate
levels that are scheduled to go that week first and then do requested makeups.
Usually they will have time to do an evaluation, if not they can talk to your
instructor to give you feedback!

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