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Five Reasons to Enroll in Year-Round Swim Lessons

Winter is finally here! That means we can all put on our fluffy socks, sip our hot cocoa, and watch our favorite holiday movies. Most of us like to stay indoors during the colder months, for obvious reasons, but when thinking about swim lessons it might be worth it to venture out into the cold temperatures, if for nothing more than to keep our children safe. We all understand why swim lessons in the summer are great, but did you know that swim lessons in the colder months are just as useful?

Here are a few reasons to consider keeping your little one in year-round swim lessons:

1: Repetition is Key

It’s true, kids (and adults) learn best with repetition and taking extended breaks can cause swimmers to regress. Think about it: how many times have you asked your child what they learned last year at the start of a new school year only for them to say they do not remember? The same thing happens with swim lessons, you just spent all this time working with your child and they have learned and advanced so much throughout the summer. But when they come back next summer some of those skills might have been forgotten. But this can be avoided by keeping kids in swim lessons throughout the colder months.

2: It’s Less Busy!

In the summer months it might be a never-ending struggle to get the time slot, instructor, or level you want for your child. You might even be placed on the dreaded “waitlist” hoping soon that a child gets moved up so your child can join. But during the winter months these annoyances become a thing of the past. Swimming Safari is far less busy during the winter than the summer so that means your little swimmer can have their pick of time slot, levels, and instructors that meet your needs best. You no longer need to rearrange your schedule to fit with time slots that are available!

3: Good Exercise

With the winter raging, most of our kids are probably not running around at the park anymore. One weekly swim lesson can give your child the important exercise they need. Kids need daily exercise and swim lessons can help provide that during a time when kids might not want to go outside as much. Year-round swim lessons can keep your child both healthy and safe!

4: Water Surrounds Us

While most of us are not going to the community pool during the winter we are still always near water. A majority of Florida homes have a swimming pool in their back yard, and if you don’t the ocean is never too far away. Accidents can happen and we want to ensure that if they do, our children are safe. To do this, parents should continue swim lessons year-round.

5: Kids Won’t Get Cold

Most of the fears for swimming year-round are the low temperatures. Parents are worried their children will get cold, but a major benefit about Swimming Safari is that it is both indoors and heated. We keep our pool heated to a comfortable 90 degrees year-round, which means your child won’t get cold in the water. And since we are indoors, they won’t get the shock of a cold wind when they get out. But for those kids that chill easily there is another solution: rash guards. Rash guards are clothes that your child wears in the pool to keep them warmer when they are swimming and sitting on the side waiting for their turn. With a heated pool and a rash guard your child will be very warm, but if you are still worried, Swimming Safari recommends making sure your child is completely dry and changes into warm dry clothes before leaving.

Swimming Safari might also be offering a discount, this would offer a free 2nd lesson if you sign up and write a Google Review. This offer would help with the cost of swim lessons and hopefully entice you to stay with us during the colder months. These are just a few reasons as to why swimming year-round is important. In the end it all comes down to the safety of your child. Children will be safer in and near the water if they continue their lessons through the winter months, and that is Swimming Safari’s goal.

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