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Child-Centered vs Skill-Based Swim Lessons

At Swimming Safari, we often get asked how we are different from programs that are skill-based. We usually explain that our program is a learn through play approach but what does that mean?

Our mission at Swimming Safari is to provide every student with the skills needed to become Safe, Happy, and Confident, in the water. While we put emphasis on water safety, we put equal emphasis on the happiness of the child. Studies have shown that when children are having fun that they are more engaged and better retain the information being taught. When a person is having a happy or fun experience, it increases their levels of dopamine, endorphins, and oxygen – all things that promote learning! By using different games, singing songs and providing activity based learning, children are learning important swimming and safety skills but enjoying themselves while doing so.

Survival swim courses that use a skill based approach are much more forceful techniques to teach children survival skills in the water. The instructor physically manipulates the child in the same repetitive motions in order to simulate what to do if they fall into water without a parent or guardian present. This approach often consistently pushes the infant out of their comfort zone and can hinder their skill development in swimming in the long term by causing a dislike or fear of water and instructors.

Our goal at swimming safari is to create lifelong swimmers that love the water as much as we do and we find the approach that works best is being child-centered where they get to explore, be imaginative and learn to love the water!

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